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When Vesuvius erupted on 24 August 79 AD it engulfed the two flourishing Roman towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum, as well as the many rich villas in the area. Since the mid 18th century these have been progressively uncovered and made accessible to the public.


The vast expanse of the commercial town of Pompeii contrasts with the restricted but better preserved remains of the holiday resort of Herculaneum, whilst the superb wall paintings of the Villa Oplontis at Torre Annunziata give a vivid impression of the opulent life-style of the wealthier citizens of the early Roman Empire.


Was bei Herculaneum besonders beeindruckt ist die Stimmung in den Häusern, die Atmosphäre des Alltäglichen, die man heute noch in den Wohnungen und in den Kaufläden spüren kann. Man betritt das Gebiet der Ausgrabungen auf einer schönen Allee, von Zypressen und Oleander beschattet, die den Blick auf das Meer frei gibt.


It’s an old city near the vesuvio’s descents. In 79 a.C. was totally covered by lava; later discovered again by Grecian, and dedicated to ercole in 1709. The excavatins were inordinate and still today uncompleted, but we could admire a theater and some thermal baths.

Excursion to Herculaneum

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